Basic Computer Class Topics and Registration

The topics that will be covered in the Basic Computer Class are:

Week 1-2

  • Teaching about new computer
  • Learning how to use mouse or computer keyboard or screen
  • Learn about the hard disk c drive about the memory about ram
  • Learn about the modem and modem connectivity with internet
  • Open a program
  • How to logon
  • How to create password
  • How to change the password
  • To learn how to the use the keyboard
  • Learn how to type by using the keyboard

Week 3-4

  • Learn how to use MS word documents
  • How to create a file
  • How to delete the file
  • How to rename the file
  • How to create a word document
  • How to create a new folder
  • How to copy a file into a folder
  • How to change the setting of your computer
  • How to customize your computer desktop
  • How to copy a file to USB drive
  • Connect to secured internet

Week 5-6

  • How to create gmail account
  • How to use a search engine google and what to search
  • How to know which site are secured site
  • How to use YouTube
  • Learn how to block the scams
  • How to create an email
  • How to send an email to grandchildren or family members
  • Learn how to attached files or picture to the email
  • How to buy a book from amazon with secured account

Week 7-8

  • Miscellaneous topics
  • How to use Excel sheet to do balance of you daily expenses and other items and learn all the tools
  • Draw a border etc
  • Learn how to use all the tools and how to create a PDF file and other files
  • Learn how to create a table and header and footer on the Word documents


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