ISG Guidelines

Below are ISG Guidelines that MUST be followed by all of ISG congregants at all times as per CDC requirements for the safety and health of all until further notice:

  1. At this time, ISG is ONLY allowed a maximum number of 50 Brothers and 17 Sisters indoor. Please note Outside is open to  people with proper safety measures in assigned spots if weather permits!!
  2. Those who are at age 65 or older, it is recommended not to attend if possible.
  3. Children below the age of 13 should not attend.
  4. If you feel sick, or have any symptoms of illness, we make dua for you but please stay at home.
  5. Wearing of Mask  is a MUST for all of those who attend.
  6. Bring Your own prayer rug with you.
  7. Bring a bag to place your shoes inside of it and place it next to you during prayer.
  8. Restrooms will be CLOSED, so come having Wudu.
  9. Number is very limited so its on first come situation.
  10. Masjid will open 15 minutes before salat and closed 10 minutes after salat, no activities after or before. No Sunnah prayers after, pray it at home.
  11. Front Doors will remain closed entering from Sister entrance and leaving from the kitchen entrance.
  12. Friday prayer will have two salat 15 minutes each including the khutbah, 1st prayer at 1:00 pm and 2nd at 1:45pm .
  13.  Imam Ammar, wll be leading all prayers and 1st jumuah and 2nd (if no other khateeb) is available, so his instructions must be followed for the safety of all.
  14. Please pay attention to the direction of our volunteers at all times to help them do their job.
  15. If you pray outside pray on designated spaces to allow social distance.
  16. All above instructions must be followed for all 5 prayers Fajr, Duhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha.
  17. No cooperation equals no accommodation.
  18. No use of Elevator .

We pray to Allah swt to ease this hardship and bring all of us back to his house, and keep us healthy in our bodies and in our Iman.

JZK for your help and understanding to implement these instructions.

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