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Math Tutoring at ISG

ISG will be starting Math tutoring beginning November for grades 8-12 led by Dr. Hussein Afeefy, inshaAllah. The date and time of the week is to be determined. Please register here if you are interested in getting your child some assistance in math.

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Jumuah Time Changes

Starting next Friday, September 30, the first khutbah will start at 12:30 and the second one will start at 2:00 inshaAllah.

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Youth Program at ISG

There will be a Youth Program starting up at ISG for ages 9-18 every Friday between Maghrib and Isha prayers starting September 30. It will focus on the life of the Prophet (SAW) in connection with everyday Islam. The program will be held in the basement and snacks will be provided.

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Tajweed Class

There will be a weekly tajweed class starting this Saturday, August 27, after Maghrib salah. The class is open for everyone and does not need any registration.

We’ve also posted video lectures of the tajweed class on the Multimedia page.

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Need for Volunteers

ISG is in dire need of volunteers for both events that occur during the week (Jumuah, Sunday School, etc.) and also major events (Eid, Taraweeh, etc.). The community is organized and structured on volunteer support, and the more support there is, the better the experience is for the community at large. We would kindly request that if you have any availability during the week, please sign up here so we can reach out when needed.

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Class on Fiqh and 40 Hadith at ISG

ISG will be holding a weekly Fiqh and 40 Hadith class starting this Sunday, August 7 from 9:00-10:30am for brothers and sisters. The class will be a combination of fiqh and tarbiyyah via 40 hadith of Imam Nawawi. Space is limited, so please sign up as soon as you can. For details on the class and registration, click here.

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ISG Weekend School Fall Registration

We will post the registration date for the ISG Weekend School Fall session. Please stay tuned.

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