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Eid al Adha

The first of Dhul Hijja is Wednesday, August 23; and therefore, that makes Eid fall on Friday, September 1 inshaAllah. Stay tuned for details regarding Eid Salat. 

* Don’t forget to fast on the Day of Arafat (Thursday, August 31). 

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ISG School Supplies Drive

For Elementary and Middle Schools in the community
16 million kids live in extreme poverty in the U.S. and arrive on the first day of school without the supplies they need to learn. Make a difference by sponsoring one or two or three backpacks filled with the supplies(List provided below) to donate it to the local schools. ISG will be providing these backpacks to the following schools: Brown Station, Clopper Mill, Watkins Mill, and MLK. Administration department of these schools have thanked and appreciated ISG community in advance for their thoughtfulness and support.

Please provide all the backpacks to the ISG basement by 08/28/17 to be delivered to the schools between 08/29 – 08/30

Please click here for the list of supplies to be filled in the backpacks.

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ISG Weekend School Registration Information

Dates for registration: 08/06/17 – 08/26/17

ISG Weekend School registration is open for all new and existing students.

Online Registration: For better tracking students, parent, and payment information we are implementing an on-line Registration system this year.  It is critical to our operation to keep track of important information handy in electronic format in case of emergencies.

PLEASE NOTE In order to comply with Montgomery County and Fire Marshall safety and occupancy rules and regulations, we are forced to limit the space in each class room, not to mention by having right size class with proper ratio between teacher and students we can improve the quality of our education. Therefore, we are urging parents to register and pay registration fees for their kids early as possible using this new system for both Saturday and Sunday classes, once the space is full in each level the registration system will automatically stop registering for that particular level. No exceptions will be made to admit student(s) once the class is full. Students names can be on a waiting list once levels are full.

Also, note that registration are not considered complete unless the payment is accompanied with the registration

The online registration consists of  two step:

First step: Complete and submit the registration form online by going on the link provided below:


NOTE: FOR THE EXISTING STUDENT : Please register your child in the same level they were last semester. Students will be tested in the beginning of the classes and evaluated to see if they need to be moved to the next level or not based on the level of their knowledge.

Second step: Make the payment on a secure link provided below.


If registering multiple children then parents need to complete separate registration form per child. Make the payment after completing the registration for all the children.

Payments can be made online https://us.mohid.co/md/germantown/isg/masjid/online/donation by credit card or e-check. Please follow the payment plan based on number of  children you are registration as follows:

  • One child – $230.00
  • Two children – $414.00 (After 10% off for two children)
  • Three children – $586.00 (After 15% off for three children)
  • Four children – $736.00 (After 20% off for four children)

Contact Irshad Khan at 301-922-3389 or Irshadk2003@yahoo.com for questions for any  questions.

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Qurbani Registration Form at ISG

Please visit this link to reserve your Udhiya for 2017 at ISG


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Social Hour For Seniors At ISG

Its a pleasure to announce that ISG is planning to do a series of programs for our senior citizens. The program will consist of lecture series  in different languages to accommodate diversity of our community. Come and join others  for reminiscences and discussions. First program of this series will take place as follows:

When: August 25th (Friday)

Where: ISG Cafe Space- Lower Level 19825 Blunt Rd, Germantown, MD 20876

Time: After Maghrib Prayers

Lecture by Br.Afeefy Hussein

Refreshments will be served

Please sign up here.

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Teachers Needed For ISG Weekend School

Teachers for ISG Weekend School Add

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Tafsir Class For Youth

Start Date: July 22nd
Time: Between Maghrib and Isha
Instructor: Br.Edris Azimi
The focus of the class will be on an in depth explanation of Surah Al-Baqarah to benefit from the lessons of this beautiful surah using Tafsir al-Qurtubi.
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