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Quality Assurance / Software Testing Class

ISG will be holding a Quality Assurance class (free of charge). Registration is limited to 12 students. The class will start Monday, August 1st Insha Allah, and will continue each Monday until all topics are covered. The class details and registration can be found here. First 12 students to sign up will be admitted to the class.

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ISG Weekend School Fall Registration

We will post the registration date for the ISG Weekend School Fall session. Please stay tuned.

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Basic Computer Classes

ISG will be holding a basic computer class (free of charge) for seniors or anyone who is interested in learning basic computer skills. Topics covered in the class are posted here.

The class will start Saturday, May 7 at 2:00 PM inshaAllah.

Sign up here. Registration is limited to 12 students with priority given to the seniors.

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Parking Regulations

It is very important that we follow these parking guidelines as we have been warned multiple times by the neighboring businesses about parking in their lots. Please follow the parking regulations displayed in the image below as they are now enforcing towing for anyone who violates this.


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Beginners Arabic Class

We will be starting class for beginners next Sunday 1/10 from 8:30 Am to 10:15 Am for both Brothers and Sisters. Please take this opportunity to learn Arabic the easy way. Please fill out the sign up sheet and let us know if you have any questions.

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Sisters’ Qur’an Class

If any sisters are interested in learning how to read the Qur’an, there will be classes held at ISG every Wednesday from 11:00am-1pm.

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Senior Program at ISG

ISG is working on implementing a Senior Program for the members of the community. The program is being implemented with the assistance of the Montgomery County and aims at providing assistance to the aged ISG Community members on issue relating to health, transportation, social life, safety, security, etc. In order to take advantage of this, all seniors should register and provide their information in the form located here. Once registration is completed, meetings will be held to identify the needs of these individuals.


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