Board of Trustees

  • Chairman: Br. Magdi Hassanien
  • Vice-Chairman: Br. Irshad Khan
  • Secretary: Br. Mohamed Ibrahim
  • Imam of ISG: Br. Ammar Najjar
  • Treasurer: Ebadullah Siddiqui


The Islamic Society of Germantown is a non-profit, independent organization that culminated from years of dedication from a group of fellow Muslims who started working on the idea in 1998.

Alhamdulillah, the ground breaking of the ISG masjid has started on July 10th, 2013 (Track current progress of the construction in our Photo Gallery section under Construction). Currently the site has been cleared, basement digging is finished, basement foundation has been finished and framing of the actual building has started. (For detailed pictures please visit our construction gallery). It is noteworthy that there are no other Islamic Centers or Mosques within a 10-mile radius. With over 400 Muslim families living in the close vicinity, having a place to pray, worship, learn more about Islam, and carry out necessary religious and cultural ceremonies (Marriage, Aqiqa, prayer for the deceased, collecting and distributing Zakat to those in distress, offering counsel and support for those in need, etc), has become an absolute necessity.

The Islamic Center will be built with many goals in mind. Some of these objectives are:

1. Fostering a rich Islamic environment for the Muslim community in the area surrounding the center.

2. Providing religious, educational, and recreational activities for members of the community and their families.

3. Provide the public at every opportunity with a better understanding of Islam and ensure that we project a positive image as good citizens and as good Muslims.

The center will be governed by a committee that will manage its operations from all aspects.

With the Grace of Allah, the ground breaking of the Masjid occurred in November 8th, 2014. Generous brothers and sisters helped us by taking part in the Qardh Hasanah program, and we will be giving them their money back in the promised time in sha Allah.

Remember that this house of worship is your house and a place where you can reap rewards and score credits with Allah. It will offer all of us the convenience of being able to pray “Jama’ah” in a location minutes away from our homes.

We are extremely thankful to God and satisfied with the progress we made over so many years to finally start the  ISG Masjid. Now you can make a difference by donating to this blessed cause so we can return the promised money  to our brothers and sisters in time.

What can you do to help?

We need committed support in order to complete the project. We urge you to donate generously to help us pay back the Qardh Hasanah payments.

Donations can be made:

The most convinient way for us to collect money is through direct deposit. You can enroll in this program by downloading this form, and mail it to: P. O. Box 1870, Germantown, MD. 20875 or give it to our Imam, Ammar Najjar in person during the Jummah or office hours at the Iman Learning Center, Germantown. The direct deposit program is completely secured and safe and you have the option to cancel it at any time.

Other ways to donate:

1. Online using Paypal : Paypal donation link is found in the top right corner of the page

2. By mail if you prefer to pay by check:
Please make check payable to:
Islamic Society of Germantown
19825 Blunt Road
Germantown, MD 20876

3. Onsite if you wish you donate cash, a check or use a credit card

We look forward to working with you to complete the construction as soon as possible and enjoying a wonderful worshiping experience at a Mosque we aspire to make a model Islamic Center inshallah.

JazzakAllah Kair,